The SilverFit is a system for virtual rehabilitation. It has been developed for people who have to exercise regularly as part of a rehabilitation program. We designed the system specifically for elderly users. To remain healthy and regain function, elderly people in rehabilitation have to exercise often. Unfortunately, this can be repetitive and boring. As a result, most people train only when under direct and continuous supervision of a therapist...more

Year: 2009 - now
Role: Audio advisor, Composer, Sound Designer

Joris Wiersinga (Managing Director @ Silverfit)
"Niels is a very creative and dedicated sound creator. He has done the sound work on a large number of projects for us, ranging from sound effects in games, background sounds in movies, writing short pieces of music, to long pieces of music in different styles for music-based exercises.
Things that stand out about Niels are:
- a very strong ability to put himself in the shoes (ears?) of the final customer. Many artists tend to make things that they themselves find pretty/good/original. Niels will certainly do this when required, but when designing for e.g. elderly people suffering from dementia, he adapts his style to fit what will work best for the target audience.
- Niels is very, very dedicated to doing a very, very good job
- Niels can handle a very broad range of styles and methods. ”