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Dwarf Quest 1

"Do you remember crawling through dungeons in video and board games in the 90's? Dwarf Quest revisits such classic experiences, reimagined for your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Play as Morrin Firebeard, proud dwarven warrior. Explore forgotten dungeons, slay terrible monsters and find glorious treasure! Will you be able to survive, and ultimately track down the undead wizard Azar?"

Features: - Intuitive touch controls - Atmospheric graphics - Fantastic original soundtrack - Dungeon crawling exploration - Fast-paced, turn-based combat - Battle Cards to boost your skills - 9 levels including two bossfights - Universal app (tested on all iPads, iPhone 4S and iPod touch 3)

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Year: 2012
Platform: IOS
Company: WildCard Games
Role: Sound Designer

Dylan Nagel (Freelance Game Producer / Programmer)
"I've known Niels for a few years and recently finally got a chance to work with him. He is responsible for the sound design of my iPad game, 'Dwarf Quest'. Superb samples, resulting in a crystal clear soundscape.

Niels is also great to work with: extremely friendly and very ambitious. Often I'd see new samples popping up in my Dropbox folder, ready to be checked out. If any changes or improvements needed to be made, he'd get on it right away and provide new versions within a few hours, sometimes within minutes.

Definitely recommended. I look forward to working with Niels again!"