The Light of the Darkness

The Light of the Darkness
This kickstarter game is an indie side scroller game with Action RPG/platform elements.The game takes place in a universe that have its own mythology, wildlife, culture and physics. The game have a retro appeal, with a sophisticated two-dimensional visual produced with beautiful paintings and many 2D special effects. But also It have a lot of complementary content that goes beyond the game.

The project has been developed with the goal of creating a deep, fun and beautiful game, but at the same time feasible to produce. In the fashion of the great games of past generations. We want to develop something that has artistic value and is remembered for that. The game is inspired in games such as Castlevania, Muramasa, Odin Sphere, Demon's Crest, Acrtraiser and others. It´s based on free exploration, Action RPG and history.

The game is still in development and a release date has not yet been announced!

Year: 2013
Platform: PC & IOS
Company: Epifanica
Release Date: TBA
Role: Sound Designer