1. Strings of Valour - Phoenix II OST (Firi Games) Niels van der Leest 4:28
  2. Horns of Despair - Phoenix II OST (Firi Games) Niels van der Leest 3:44
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Niels @ConCon17


Niels van der Leest is an award winning game composer and sound designer who has been in games since 2007. Over the course of the years he has worked with developers ranging from independent to AAA.
Niels combines his classical music degree in percussion and world music, his background in the orchestral and ensemble performance and the strong sense of sound design to create unique music and sounds.

His most recent work can be heard on Horizon Zero Dawn, Phoenix II and SkyWorld VR

“Writing to enhance instead of distract”

Studio wide view


Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds – Guerrilla Games/Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (Composer)
Tetris Messenger –  CoolGames (Composer/Sound Designer)
– MH2/Blackmill Games (Sound Designer)
SkyWorld VR – Vertigo Games (Composer/Sound Designer)
Horizon Zero Dawn – Guerrilla Games/Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (Composer)
Tetris Twist –  CoolGames (Composer/Sound Designer)
Phoenix II – Firi Games (Composer/Sound Designer)
Pacman Run – CoolGames/Bandai Namco (Composer/Sound Designer)
Dungeon Punks – Hyper Awesome Games (Sound Designer)
Stella’s Dress Up – Cool Games (Composer)
Cookie Connect – Cool Games (Composer/Sound Designer)
Fruit Party – Tingly Games (Composer)
Snoopy Bubble Shooter – Cool Games (Composer/Sound Designer)
Farm Fever – Cool Games (Composer)
AirTwist – Playsoft (Sound Designer)
Bubble Fever – Cool Games (Sound Designer)
B Minus 50 – Global Game Jam 2014 (Composer/Sound Designer)
Snap Together – BloomSix (Composer/Sound Designer)
Damian Filigree and the book of Thoth – BloomSix (Composer/Sound Designer)
Dwarf Quest – Wildcard Games (Sound Designer)
Autobahn bei Nacht – Ultimo Games (Composer/Sound Designer)
Working Class Hero – Ultimo Games (Composer/Sound Designer)
Poker Knight – Instant Games (Sound Designer)
Ones – Student Game (Composer)
Star Sentinel Tactics – Matrix Games (Licensed Music)
Renegade X – Totem Arts (Remixer)
Battle Tankz – Iceberg Entertainment (Composer/Sound Designer)
MadMaze – Cogibit Games (Composer/Sound Designer)

Other notable companies:
Silverfit – Composer/Sound Designer/Advisor

Taiko recording session
Dutch Game Awards 2017


Dutch Game Awards: Winner of Best Music & Audio – Horizon Zero Dawn
Jerry Goldsmith Awards: Winner of Best Original Score in a Video Game – Horizon Zero Dawn


Niels van der Leest – Music

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