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Poker Knight

The first RPPG (Role Playing Poker Game) for iOS. Derek is facing the biggest challenge of his life when he's transported to another dimension. There, he is given a mission: to find the nine amulets that have the power to make any wish come true. And to achieve it, our hero must fight dangerous enemies, such as goblins, mages, ogres and other foul creatures. The challenges are are many, but Derek has a powerful card hidden in his sleeve... the battlefield is the Poker table!

Year: 2012
Platform: IOS
Company: Instant Games
Role: Sound Designer

Leonardo Kasperavičius (Instant Games)
"I would select all top attributes for Niels if I could. We hired him to compose sound effects for our game and the results were amazing. Niels literally gave life to our game with his magical sounds. We are very happy to have found him. I can't wait to hire him again on our next projects.”