Ønes – the Game

Ønes is a platform and puzzle game that is built upon a strong gameplay foundation: the player takes the role of an avatar capable of manipulating time and space which he uses to create copies of himself. The avatar, controlled by the player, can perform a large array of actions and rewind time to create a copy. This copy will then proceed to reproduce the avatar's actions, allowing him to "cooperate" with it in various ways. By creating up to four copies the avatar transforms into a powerful multitasking force. This is called self-cooperation: the copies' actions are in the player's hands.

Year: 2009
Platform: PC
Company: Student Project
Role: Composer

Mark Olivier (Ønes - The Game)
“Collaborating with Niels on project Ønes has been a pleasure. He is a dynamic and skillful composer, able to go beyond what is asked of him to truly create a beautiful and memorable soundscape. Not afraid of starting anew to find the perfect melody, we worked closely over the course of the last few months during which Niels put a lot of energy into understanding the project and our needs. The results are astounding and have greatly influenced our own designs in ways that can be felt in the final version of Ønes.”